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Having an impressive office

When clients come to our office, they need to be impressed. Working in our industry includes a lot of emphasis on appearance and image, so our office needs to be a reflection of the impeccable focus we have on our work. We have a great cleaning crew who goes the extra mile and makes sure that every surface is sparkling and looks showroom condition after they have come through. It can be challenging to find a great cleaning crew through, so I've started a blog to share my tips with other small business owners who need to have a spotless office.

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Hire an After Construction Cleanup Service to Complete Your Surprise Home Remodel

There is nothing so precious as seeing the look of absolute surprise on the face of a loved one when they return home to find that their kitchen, bedroom or living room has been transformed into the room of their dreams. Ashton Kutcher did a home remodel for his mom and surprised her on Mother's Day in 2015, and this loving father and husband completely redesigned a formerly bare backyard for his wife and daughters, transforming it from an eyesore into a pleasant space where they could relax. Read More 

Top Reasons for Securing Cleaning Services for Your Business

You are a businessperson living your dream, fabricating your career with your passion, and making the best of every step. Your platter is full with a number of responsibilities that cannot be avoided. That is, you are still required to take care of every switch and slant of your office or business. Rather than taking care of everything by yourself, it is better to hire professional services to attend to some of the common chores in your business. Read More 

Three Ways to Care for Your Office Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

Professional cleaning companies help keep your office carpets clean and fresh by using advanced cleaning equipment and techniques. However, it is essential to keep the carpets clean and free of stains, dirt, hair, allergens, and pollutants in between professional cleanings. Keeping the office carpets clean is essential for prolonging their usable life, and it can also help you cut down on cleaning costs. Here are some simple but effective ways you can achieve this. Read More 

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Cats and dogs are a delight to have around the house. They lift your spirits when you're down, keep you company when you're alone, and cater to your nurturing instincts. However, no matter how well-trained they are, there is one thing about them that will always be a problem: fur. Wherever your cat or dog goes, so too does their fur. It's hard enough keeping on top of it when the fur is all over your furniture, curtains and carpets but there is one place that seems to attract fur like cats to a warm lap. Read More 

Business Cleaning | 3 Ways To Boost Revenue When Outsourcing Cleaning Of Your Commercial Property

Outsourcing your business cleaning needs to a professional is a smart way to reduce your overall costs because it reduces your dependency on non-critical in-house resources and frees up a chunk of your revenue for more vital business aspects. But there are other ways to save money and boost revenue when outsourcing cleaning of your commercial property. Choose A Business Cleaning Vendor With Multiple Offerings For Better Pricing You probably need cleaners for multiple areas and applications around your office — from simple desk and floor cleaning to more sophisticated window washing and computer equipment cleaning. Read More