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Having an impressive office

When clients come to our office, they need to be impressed. Working in our industry includes a lot of emphasis on appearance and image, so our office needs to be a reflection of the impeccable focus we have on our work. We have a great cleaning crew who goes the extra mile and makes sure that every surface is sparkling and looks showroom condition after they have come through. It can be challenging to find a great cleaning crew through, so I've started a blog to share my tips with other small business owners who need to have a spotless office.

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Hire an After Construction Cleanup Service to Complete Your Surprise Home Remodel

There is nothing so precious as seeing the look of absolute surprise on the face of a loved one when they return home to find that their kitchen, bedroom or living room has been transformed into the room of their dreams. Ashton Kutcher did a home remodel for his mom and surprised her on Mother's Day in 2015, and this loving father and husband completely redesigned a formerly bare backyard for his wife and daughters, transforming it from an eyesore into a pleasant space where they could relax. 

What These Stories Don't Mention

If you are considering doing the same for someone you hold dear to your heart there is one thing that you should keep in mind when putting your plans in place. One important factor that the above stories don't mention is the mess that likely gets left behind when the builders are done with the remodelling work. Time is short. You probably have a very small window of time within which to work. The last thing you want is to be scrambling to clean up the mess left behind once the builders and carpenters have done their jobs. 

Fortunately, you don't have to waste precious time hoovering, washing or clearing and bagging debris. You can call in the professionals to get it done for you so that you can spend what little time you have putting the finishing touches to your surprise. 

Hire an After-Build Cleanup Service

Whichever part of your home has been remodelled, you'll still need to put pictures on walls, hang mirrors and move furniture back into place. An after build cleaning service can come in and take care of the mess for you. Typically, you can expect this kind of service to: 

  • Mop and vacuum floors
  • Clean windows
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces
  • Dispose of any debris left behind
  • Use a high pressure washer if need be
  • Clean inside and outside cupboards and units
  • Clean up outside areas, removing all trace of construction work 

Make Sure You Do Your Research First

Before settling on a cleanup service, do your homework. Check out their background and references and find out what sort of work they're best at doing. A good after build cleanup service can work within a tight schedule, which is important in this case as you likely have very little time before that special someone comes home. 

Call around in advance of your remodel and get as many quotes as you can, and keep in mind that the most professional companies are licensed, insured and bonded. Don't leave this important step until the last minute. Arrange for builders clean ups so you can concentrate on giving your loved one the surprise of their life.