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Having an impressive office

When clients come to our office, they need to be impressed. Working in our industry includes a lot of emphasis on appearance and image, so our office needs to be a reflection of the impeccable focus we have on our work. We have a great cleaning crew who goes the extra mile and makes sure that every surface is sparkling and looks showroom condition after they have come through. It can be challenging to find a great cleaning crew through, so I've started a blog to share my tips with other small business owners who need to have a spotless office.

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How to Minimise the Risk of 3 Popular Cleaning Products

If you are planning to carry out extensive cleaning in your home or workplace, you will no doubt be using a range of powerful chemicals. While chemical cleaning products can be extremely effective when it comes to removing dirt and grime, if the proper precautions are not taken during use, they can also pose a serious risk to your health. Read on to discover more about the chemicals contained inside popular cleaning products and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

1. Bleach

Bleach is a great all-round cleaning tool. It can be used to sanitise toilets, cleaning tile floors and to disinfect kitchen work surfaces. However, bleach can also be incredibly harmful to human health. The chlorine contained in bleach can cause intense irritation if it comes into contact with your skin or mucous membranes such as your lungs, nose, eyes or mouth. To protect against this risk, you should always wear thick gloves, coveralls and a face mask when using bleach. Bleach can also create a hazard if it is mixed with other cleaning products which contain ammonia. When chlorine is mixed with ammonia a chemical reaction occurs which releases chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is used as a military weapon and can result in breathing difficulties, damage to the lungs, nausea and in extreme cases, death. To prevent this from happening, you should carefully check the labels on each cleaning product before mixing them.

2. Furniture Polish

While furniture polish can leave wooden surfaces looking smart, it doesn't have the same positive effects when it comes into contact with your body. The chemicals contained in furniture polish can cause skin irritation. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear gloves when applying it. If you have opted for a spray on polish, it is vital that you wear a mask as breathing in particles of polish can cause damage to your lungs and breathing difficulties.

3. Window Cleaning Solution

Lots of spray on widow cleaning solutions contain high levels of ammonia. Ammonia can cause irritation if it comes into contact with your skin and can also irritate your eyes and airways. One way of avoiding this risk is to use a natural solution of water and lemon juice. The acids in the lemon juice will help to cut through any grime on your windows. If you do decide to use cleaning chemicals, you should wear protective gear.

For more information and advice, contact a cleaning service today.