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When clients come to our office, they need to be impressed. Working in our industry includes a lot of emphasis on appearance and image, so our office needs to be a reflection of the impeccable focus we have on our work. We have a great cleaning crew who goes the extra mile and makes sure that every surface is sparkling and looks showroom condition after they have come through. It can be challenging to find a great cleaning crew through, so I've started a blog to share my tips with other small business owners who need to have a spotless office.

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A Quick Checklist of Overlooked Items to Consider With a Hospital Cleaning Staff

If you're ready to hire a new cleaning staff for a hospital, doctor's office, or any such medical facility, you want to ensure you choose the right company and personnel. This is because cleaning a medical facility is not like cleaning an office, as you need to ensure the comfort of patients and know that each surface will be cleaned properly and made to be sanitary. Note a quick checklist you want to consider with a hospital cleaning staff so you know what to discuss with them and know that every part of your facility will be cleaned while patients are still comfortable.

1. Note the noise levels of a vacuum

Unless a cleaning staff will be coming into your facility after hours when the place is empty, you want to discuss the noise levels of a vacuum. Some vacuums are made specifically to run very quietly while still offering enough power to do a good job. This is vital for a medical facility that will be cleaned while patients are present, as they don't need to be bothered by a loud vacuum while they're trying to rest and recover or during any type of exam. Be sure you discuss the option of vacuums and choose one with a lower noise level, or that this option is offered by a cleaning company.

2. Ensure that TV remotes are cleaned properly

If your facility has televisions with remotes used by patients, don't overlook cleaning these properly every single day. Just like doorknobs, they can harbor germs from having been handled by so many people throughout the day and yet they're often neglected when it comes time to clean a medical facility. Note that they need to be wiped down with an antiseptic, not just dusted, so that all germs and bacteria from this constant handling are removed.

3. Pay attention to flower vases and other containers

Patients may not like having their flowers touched by cleaning personnel but the vases and containers that hold flowers can also harbor germs and bacteria, brought in by outsiders and from patients as they move these around their room. You also want to consider the number of germs that can be found on vases of flowers and other containers that are on countertops in the lobbies. It's easy to overlook cleaning these but they too need to be wiped down regularly, and you want to ensure that they're germ-free when in the medical facility.

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